Time is Running Out ♥ Valentine’s Day Round Up

Thoughtful Thursday: Learning to Live Deliberately

This Thoughtful Thursday, we get ready to treat the little people in our lives with Valentine’s goodies candy-free style. With just 2 weeks left, I needed help to get the creative juices flowing and why not share?

Sometimes these holidays can creep up on us; leaving us racing to the store the night before to find the slim-pickings on the store shelves. Here is a collection of fantastic Valentine’s treat ideas {minus the sweets} to avoid all the aforementioned fun. Maybe your little one has a class full of friends or you just need fun treats to give to the little ones you love, either way it doesn’t get any cuter than these ideas below.

The links to each are found below the photos. Enjoy! And, report back if you do a DIY Valentines treat minus the candy!!!


1. Love Bug Valentines -by Dandee Designs

2. Pencil Arrows -by Sweet Muffin Suite

3. 4 Valentines Day Ideas -by Prudent Baby

4. Anakin & Glowstick Valentines -by Stitch Craft Creations

5. Sunglasses -by Plucky Momo

6. Sweet Fruit Stickers -by Twig and Thistle Store

7. Magnifying Glass Valentine -by Dandee Designs

8. Name Bracelets -by Star Gazing Lily

9. Bouncy Ball Valentine -by The Crafting Chicks

10. Bookmark Valentines -by Better Homes & Garden

5 thoughts on “Time is Running Out ♥ Valentine’s Day Round Up

      1. DoRe' Arnall

        P.S. I’m taking another fB hiatus, FYI; thank goodness I can continue to spy on you here!😉

      2. Our Mindful Home Post author

        I thought I saw less of you. I was going to message you the other day to tell you that I have an envelope of hair addressed to someone and still sitting in my home.😉

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